For the warrior in us all...

2003 02 25

For some a glass of wine and a cozy fireplace sounds like the perfect environment. For others an unfinished room lined with instruments, toys and a snifter of brandy seems like heaven. Whatever your pleasure The Rogue has something to serve you well.

Introducing our newest feature, THE ROGUE WARRIOR. The Warrior is designed to function as a fully portable multi-track studio, which is compatible with The Rogue and other studio facilities.

Built for the wanderer in all of us, THE WARRIOR lives to travel and will definitely come to you. Your musical journey has just become a whole lot easier. With three possible package deals: Decaf, Regular and Turkish (for those who like it strong), you can use THE WARRIOR to capture your sonic dreams.

Whether you record your one-of-a-kind live performance, overdub songs that have already been tracked, record vocals in the comfort of you own home or experiment in interesting off beat spaces like a church, a hall or a cave we will be there to help you get to where you want to go. THE WARRIOR comes equipped with mic pre's, microphones, head sets, monitors, a G4 MacIntosh Powerbook laptop computer, and of course an engineer to support you through your eight hour day.

Contact us for more information on how to surface the warrior in you! .

A portable studio.

The R-Team: When you need us we'll be there!


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