CMW 2003, here we go!...

2003 02 23

It's that time of year again when the country gathers for the annual Canadian Music Week. Independent Canadian artists flock to Toronto, Ontario to take a stab at getting signed. But generating a buzz can be brutally difficult. There are only so many clubs and so many publications that getting noticed takes a lot of ingenuity and a killer sound. Of course addressing issues like wardrobe and genre originality are a great place to start but as we all know connections, more times than not, are really how a band can successfully catapult into the eye of the record industry storm.

On top of their game is local rock band WATSON. They are totally charming and have a great sense of promotion and business, which has aided them in finding success abroad in both South and Central America and recently in Germany. Here at The Rogue we have a special place in our hearts for WATSON since their bass player is none other than our very own J. Elloitt.

Contributing his various techniques in engineering over the last six years Jay has been and continues to be an enormous addition to the studio. Presently, Jay is in and out of The Rogue since he is engineering the upcoming album for Universal's recent signing of recording artist Hawksley Workman at Hawksley's quaint studio aka. The School House buried somewhere way north of good ol' T.O.

We want to wish Jay and WATSON (, who will be performing February 27, 2003 10 p.m at Club 279, and all the bands performing over the CMW festival weekend a kick-ass time and all the success they can possibly handle.

Keep Rockin' Hard!

J. Elliott
Bass player for Watson
Engineer for the Rogue


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