INSTRUMENTS available at the Rogue
When your rig is just not cutting it. When your organ samples fall flat. When you've grown tired of your drummer's snare. What can you do?

Come to The Rogue and feast yourself on our extraordinary spread of vintage, rare, and sought after instruments and amps. We have spent years collecting and restoring so that you don't have to.

As always, if you don't see it here and you still need it, we can probably find it for you.

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Ampeg B25 bass head Marshall JCM 800 lead series head
Ampeg B25B cabinet, 2x15" Marshall JTM 45 'Blues Breaker' combo
Ampeg SVT bass head National 8 watt amp (1950's)
Ampeg SVT cabinet, 8x10" Peavey 3 channel Keyboard amp
Ampeg V4B bass head Traynor Bass Master head (1971)
Ampeg V9 cabinet, 9x10" (scary!) Traynor Bass Mate combo (1964)
Eden D-410T, 4x10"+horn cabinet Yorkville 1x15 Bass cabinet
Fender Deluxe combo (1964) Yorkville Bloc100G combo
Gibson GA90 combo (1958)  
Anklung (2 octaves), Indonisian rattle Slingerland 4 piece drum kit (~1980)
Cymbals by Sabian, Ufip, Zildjian, etc. Tympani (pair)
Gretsch, 5 piece drum kit (~1970) 22" (2), 13", 16" School yard bell (1800's)
Ludwig Marching Snare (~1970) Slingerland 26" Bass Drum (c. 1930's)
Pearl Fightman, electronic drums with pads, cymbals, hats and brain Various hand percussion: drums, shakers, etc.
Akai AX60 Jaymar toy piano Simmons MTX9 Drum Expander (1980's)
Akai S900 sampler (12 bit) Kimble Viennese Grand Piano 5' 8" (c. 1976) Simmons SDS7 drum brain
Alesis D4 drum module Korg KPR-77 drum machine Simmons SDS 200 electronic drums (1980's)
Angel Melodyhorn melodica Kurzweil PC-88 MIDI keyboard controller Tama Techstar TS204 electronic voice module
Arp 2600 Lidovox accordion with Vox organ Tandy 200 in 1 Electronic Project Kit (Therimin)
Arp Omni Linn Drum (MIDIfied) Ultimate Percussion Super Analogue drum module
BOSS Hand Clapper HC-2 Lowry Magic Genie 98 W. Bell & Co. reed organ (c. 1886)
Conn Sonata, tube church organ (c. 1950) Maxx-II Drum Sythesizer MDS-002 Willis upright acoustic piano (c.1924)
Elka electric organ (1960's) Oberheim DX drum machine (1983) Wurlitzer Electric Piano (~1970)
Farfisa Compact Duo (1960's) Roland MC-202 Micro Composer (~1980) Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano (MIDI'd)
Fender Rhodes 73 Mark II, suitcase Roland MPU-101, MIDI/CV interface Yamaha Mission Organ (1931)
Hammond B3 w/Leslie cabinet (122) Roland RS-101 Strings Yamaha TX7 sound module
Hammond M2 organ (~1950) Roland SPV-355 P/V Synth (~1980)  
Harmonium (Indian) Sequential TOM drum machine (1985)  
Heintzman upright grand piano (c.1910) Siel Cruise synthesizer  
Hohner Clavinet E7 Simmons MTM, MIDI/trigger module  
Anjo M-400 Mandolin w/ Barcus Berry pick-up Ferlinetto 5 string fretless bass Kent electric mandolin
Balalaika (Alto) Gibson Les Paul Custom (~1971) La Patrie Collection Nylon string acoustic
Bouzouki (greek style) Gibson SG (1972) Musicman Stingray 5 string bass
Charvel Jackson electric guitar Gibson Skylark Lap Steel (~1960) Rickenbacker Electro lap steel (~1949)
Epiphone Les Paul PeeWee Harmony arch-top acoustic with pick-up (1961) Simon & Patrick Luthier Mahogany 6 string (Nashville-strung acoustic)
Fender F-25 small bodied acoustic Jerry Jones Longhorn Double-neck (6 string & baritone) Washburn Stephens Extended Cutaway acoustic
Fender Jaguar re-issue    
Arion Stereo Chorus Pedal Conn Strobotuner Ibanez AD-220 Analog Delay & Multi-Flanger
BOSS Compressor/Sustainer Pedal Crybaby Wah Pedal Morley Volume/Panning pedal
BOSS Hi Band Flanger Pedal Digitech Whammy Pedal MXR Phase 100 Pedal
BOSS Super Distortion & Feedbacker Pedal DOD Envelope Filter MXR Stereo Flanger Pedal
BOSS Super Overdrive Pedal Electro-Harmonix: Big Muff (original & Sovtec) Superfuzz pedal
C-ducer pick-up Fishman Acoustic Pre-amplifier Underwood violin & upright bass pick-ups
Clarinet (b flat) Frontline Mini-Mixer, 4x1 passive mixer VariAC 0-140 volt, 10 amp variable power supply
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