We have more toys than you

Our indoor playground...
Some have described The Rogue as the largest small studio they have ever seen.

The Artemis floor was the reason why.

Not many can boast a recording space like Artemis. None can fill it with toys and inspiration like The Rogue. This space truly gives The Rogue some bragging rights. The Artemis floor is about 48 feet long and 34 feet wide. The ceiling is over ten feet clear. Windows bathe the maple floors with light during the day, and at night a superb collection of '40s and '50s lamps provide the illumination and mood. The space is filled with pianos, organs, guitars, drums, amplifiers and one wall is filled with bakelite radios.

In a lesser space it could feel crowded, but Artemis has yet to find a band that could not be comfortable and stretch out their legs both literal and musical. The Artemis recording floor really needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Both tympani and barbeques lurk in the corners.

Perhaps Jack Breakfast put it best when he said: "It's a great space, I love it, I never really thought about putting it in words."

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