The Rogue hosts a collection of some of the finest recording equipment available. With recorders from Ampex, Studer, and Tascam; outboard gear from Urei, dbx, Lexicon, EMT; and microphones by AKG, Neumann, Coles, and more, we can cater to the most discerning audio tastes. However, The Rogue is not just about great gear. To create unique and exciting soundscapes we also have some of the best bad gear imaginable!

Of course, if you donít see it listed here, drop us a line and we will arrange it for you.

[ Consoles & Pre-Amps ] [ Machines ] [ Microphones and D.I.s ]
Soundcraft DC2020 - 32 channel in-line console with moving fader automation Artemis
Ampex 351 pre-amps, pair (c. 1958) shared
Ampex 601 pre-amps, pair (c. 1962) Artemis
Ashly Model SC-40 Instrument Pre-Amp Artemis
Crown Series 800, 4x2 pre-amp shared
D&R p.a.677-12c, 24x2 tube console (c. 1975) Artemis
Eela S101 series 8x4 broadcast console (c. 1980) Artemis
Rolls RP220 Dual Tube Mic' Pre-Amp Artemis
TEAC M-2A Audio Mixer Brunel
Valley People Dyna-Mic, 4 x2 pre-amp/eq Artemis
Valley People Dyna-Mic, 2nd Dyna-Mic, 2 x1 pre-amp/eq Artemis

Tascam ATR-80 2" 24-Track Artemis
Alesis BRC Controller (ADAT's must be arranged) Artemis
Ampex 351/440 1/2" 2-Track (all tube electronics, circa 1958) shared
Ampex MM-1100 2" 16-track (c. 1975) Artemis
Bryston Phonograph Pre-Amp Brunel
HHB CDR-800 CDR burner Artemis
Pioneer HHB D9601 high sampling DAT (2) shared
Studer A807 1/4" 2-Track (with Dolby SR/A and dbx 150X) shared
Studer D732 broadcast CD player Brunel
Tascam 85-16B 1" 16-Track with dbx Artemis
Teac 80-8 1/2" 8-Track with dbx Artemis
Tascam 85-16B 1" 16-Track with dbx Artemis
Yamaha C300 Cassette Deck (2) shared
Yamaha Natural Sound Model YP-211 Turn-table, 33/45 rpm Brunel

Microphones and D.I.s - Available in the Artemis Studio
AKG C-414B-ULS (2) Sennheiser 421 (3)
AKG C-535 (3) Sennheiser 441
AKG D12E (2) Sennheiser 509
AKG D112 Shure Beta57
AKG D190E Shure Beta58 (3)
AKG "The Tube" Shure SM57 (3)
Audio-Technica ATM 4050 (2) Shure SM58
Audio-Technica ATM Pro37R Shure SM94
BeyerDynamic M380 BSS 4 channel Active D.I.
Coles 4038 ribbon mic Gamma SL1 Passive D.I.
Fostex M801 SCV Active D.I.
Realistic PZM's (3) T.P. Active D.I.
Rode 'Classic' tube microphone  

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