The Rogue Brünel inhabits a cozy 290 square foot windowed space adjoining our kitchen (coffee is always near at hand).

Feeling very much like a star-ship control centre dropped into a 70s rec' room, it's a place where the finest touches can be visited upon your work to bring it through the final stages.

In Brünel we set out to build a compact musical workshop where artists can work out creative solutions that don't require the massive real estate of Artemis. Ideas and arrangement qs can be developed at leisure without a large bank roll. A digital editing and mixing room at heart Brünel also features a state of the art MIDI system and a wide range of sound sources. In true Rogue fashion these vary from the common to the very rare and esoteric. With the addition of a few choice analogue processors we have also made Brünel a very respectable mastering room for those who didn't think they could afford their own fine taste!

In a room where an audiophile turntable sits between digital control surfaces and mono tube reel to reels and a uniquely roguish MIDI setup shares space with vintage mastering equipment beside a vintage corduroy couch, the Rogue Brünel is ready to provide high resolution editing, archiving, mastering and sample accurate digital mix work. Or simply to allow you to finesse those last few parts of another great string arrangement.


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