The Rogue Artemis is our flagship recording space.


Most who visit The Rogue are deceived by the unassuming, if not downright ugly, nature of the building's facade. So much so that we are used to our guests being shocked when they walk from our kitchen, through our rather shabby 50s style workshop, and open the oak door that leads into Artemis. The Artemis control room is a fully appointed, acoustically designed and thoroughly modern control room.

Well, some on the homey clutter of the kitchen and workshop has followed us here, the 320 square foot room is filled with the vast range of equipment that The Rogue Artemis brings to a recording session. Equipped for tracking, overdubbing, and mixing in both the analogue and the digital domains, the room remains airy and filled with the sunlight that spills in from the live recording floor.

The Rogue Artemis is furnished with a prodigious array of musical and signal processing tools. Whether tube, transistor or digital is called for, whether your taste is esoteric or boutique, we can supply the devices for your needs. This, coupled with the literal bevy of recording formats, makes The Rogue Artemis a peerless choice for your recording needs.

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